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          ESL Professional Development


          Teachers are familiar with how to prepare a lesson in 3 ways, but it’s hard to put it into practice. Teacher should be wise in using textbooks. Teachers need to use the coursebooks properly based on students’ capabilities and learning needs. Leveling teaching is being implemented now at Maple Leaf. In addition to meeting students' actual needs in learning and teacher’s use of textbooks, all lessons need to be designed to match the requirement of four English competences of different levels prescribed in the ESL Curriculum Standard. Therefore, High School ESL teachers organized a Pro-D about how to use coursebook in a proper way.


          The Pro-D started with a lesson shown by two teachers in different teaching style. Ms. Li followed everything in the coursebook but students felt quite boring. Mr. Wang’s class had introduction and students worked in pairs, thus students enjoyed themselves very much. It is not proper to rely on coursebooks.



          Next, high school teachers, as organizers introduced theories behind use of coursebooks, they are a rich and meaningful exposure to language use, affective and cognitive engagement, making use of mental resources typically used in L1 communication, giving opportunities for contextualized and purposeful and being encouraged to interact.



          Then organizers shared a practical list of what to do with different things in a coursebook. These are common problems that teachers often meet in their teaching.






          In the end, Ms. Zhang made conclusions and suggested all the teachers put it into practice.


          English learning can not be separated from textbooks, but it should not be limited by textbooks. Making use of coursebooks can improve both teachers and students.